Lupus Awareness Month!

May is Lupus Awareness Month, and May 10th is World Lupus Day!  This month I’d like to feature extraordinary people in our lupus community who continue to fight and raise awareness about this mysterious disease. If you would like to have your story posted on this blog, please send me a message.

This weekend I will be attending a lupus awareness fundraising event. It’s exciting to have an event in my small community town. I am inviting a few friends who know I have lupus, but  despite being a doctor,  don’t really  know what lupus is. This will be a great opportunity to share, and I encourage all of my lupus family to find an event this month, invite their loved ones, support research, raise awareness, and just meet other cool people battling with the disease.

If you would like more information about events in your area, I would check out The Lupus Foundation of America at They have several chapters in different states. Let’s get active about raising awareness!


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