Weekend Trip

So I am going down South to visit my family this weekend. It’s my niece’s one year birthday and dedication. Now I usually fly down every couple months, but it’s been seven months. This really is the longest it’s been since I’ve been back.

Since I started my new job, it’s been tough to go down there. I work Fridays and Mondays and it doesn’t make sense to fly down for less that 48 hrs. And with the part time hours, I definitely do not have the funds to fly as often.So I’m super excited I have the chance to go, and as a bonus my husband will come too.

There was a time earlier on when I was afraid to fly home because of my health. I worried about being there with my family, and having one of my pain episodes and they wouldn’t understand or be able to help me. For a time I really was worried about being with them for more than a couple days, without my husband.

I did that with other trips too. Afraid to go away for weekend conferences with friends, or to drive the five hours to go see my aunts and uncles. Worried about planning things and then having to cancel and lose money.

I also have this weird paranoia about running out or losing meds on vacation. I always back an extra three days worth in my pill box to keep in my purse, but then I fill an empty medicine bottle with a jumble of more meds, just in case, and hide that in my backpack. If I’m feeling especially nervous I pack unable mixed bottle and slip it into my suitcase. You should see how many times I check and recheck my pillbox.

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do. And so is being with my friends and family. I’ve realized I can’t live my life being afraid of what might happen.I have to live in the now without fear. But it still doesn’t hurt to buy a lil travel protection:)

One thought on “Weekend Trip

  1. Well, doctor, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who squirrels away medication when I’m on a trip.

    I take two kinds of pain meds. One is often abused, and is highly sought after. It is a controlled substance, so if I run out or lose them on a trip I can’t just drop by the nearest Walgreens and get a refill.

    So I put some in the luggage, and worry that handlers and hotel staff will find them.

    I put some in my purse, and then wonder what will happen if it’s stolen.

    I put some in my backpack, and then hope I don’t leave it somewhere.

    At home, I don’t do this. But, at home I can control my surroundings. On a trip I have no control.

    I wish obsessing over drugs wasn’t even part of my itinerary, but it is…and there you have it.

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one who does it.

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