Well, I am moving in less than a week for my husband’s job, and I am starting to stress out big time. I’m not good with change, and this is a lot of change all at once. We are moving to a completely different city one hour away from where we were before. It’s taken the four years that we’ve lived here for me to finally get comfortable and make friends, and now we’re moving. There isn’t a bone in me that wants to move, and I’ve seriously been dreading moving day.

We will have a new home which I love, but I will admit I’m nervous about because of the stairs. Normally stairs aren’t a problem. I do the stair master at the gym, which, BTW ladies does wonders for the booty. But when I’m having joint pain, or a really bad flare, I worry about getting in and out of the house. It was a concern before I chose this place, but it was the best choice due to location and space.

Then there’s the job hunt. I’ve interviewed at a few places, but I haven’t signed a contract yet. I have this huge fear about about getting stuck in a miserable practice that is completely profit driven, instead of patient centered. I had a really horrible experience with my first job that I was at for two years. I’ll tell you the story sometime, and you’ll understand.

And the packing is making me crazy. It isn’t just that it’s physical labor but it’s emotionally taxing. I am very sentimental and I save everything. I’m talking receipts from a romantic dinner my husband took me too three years ago and clothes that I wore in high school (they will NEVER fit me again). Moving is the best time to de-clutter, and I’ve had to grudgingly throw away a lot of things that I’m seriously attached too.

With all the stress and change, I’m starting to worry about having a flare. And that’s when I realize, I just need to stop, take a deep breath, and know that everything is going to be OK. Life is going to be full of change, especially when I have lupus. I just have to have relax and have faith that I’m on the right track. God’s got a plan for me far better than I could even imagine.

3 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Moving blows… sorry for the slang… I moved away from my home state once and it was like a different country! But like you said, God is in charge of change and maybe your move is part of somebody else s plan. Maybe your kindness and patience is needed somewhere. 🙂 I keep things too. Its nice to look back and think about the times past. plus I am getting older and my memory is fading a bit. I recently cleaned out my closet and literally tried on each thing and some things I wondered in disbelief why I ever bought them! LOL p.s Thanks for the prayers, she is showing signs of healing . We tried a new prescription from her DR. and its really helping. 🙂

  2. The last time I moved was 1996, from one side of town to the other, and I told my husband that I would NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. And, I meant it. This was pre-fibro, and I cannot even imagine what it would be like to move now. I told him that if, and when, he insists on moving he can hire those really expensive movers that do everything and damn the cost. We haven’t moved. 🙂

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