Take time to rest!

Well I’m finally moved in and am starting to unpack. I have to say yesterday was a grueling day, even with the movers. We have two sets of stairs in our place, and it was a lot of running up and down. I woke up early this morning completely drained, but I knew I had a lot of work today. I got up, ate some breakfast, helped the cable guy set-up, and started to open up boxes. And then it hit me.

Sheer exhaustion. Like I had been hit by a truck and thrown across the street. Ok, so I’ve never been hit by a truck before (thank God!), so I don’t know how that feels, but I felt pretty crappy. Just achy, and foggy, and lethargic.

I realized that I wasn’t going to get anything done without some much needed sleep. For a long time, I’ve felt guilty about taking naps when there was work to be done. I always feel like I can just work through it. But I realized I can get more work done in less time when I am well rested, than when I am dead tired.

I think it’s really important, especially for people with chronic illness, to listen to your body.Pushing yourself when your body is tired, not only produces inefficient work, but also hurts your body. Our bodies need rest, and our pain, fatigue, cloudiness, is our bodies’ way of communicating that. I took my little nap, and am awake and refreshed! Now, let the unpacking begin!

4 thoughts on “Take time to rest!

  1. Thank you for a doctors description of that flat against the floor feeling. Usually any description that I give of it gets met with 0_0. Unfortunately corporate America doesn’t recognize the need for rest for those with serious chronic illness. We are just supposed to do whatever we can to get well… That gets 0_0 from me. There is no cure for genetic heart conditions or from stage three breast cancer. How am I supposed to get well?

  2. I know for some reason I always fight that need for rest. I think in order for me to feel OK, I could usually sleep 9+ hours per night and then another 1-2 during the day. And that just seems unrealistic – I mean, who sleeps almost 50% of their life away? So I fight it and fight it. Dumb thing is, if I’m at home, I often end up just sitting at my kitchen table, mini-resting with every part of me hurting and not getting anything done anyway, trying to get the energy to do 5-10 minutes of household chores just to sit back down again and rest until I can move again … This is sounding whiny and it’s not meant to, but it’s just nice to talk about it with people who understand that feeling : )

  3. I don’t have lupus, although I tease my doc about “trying to give me lupus” for the last few years, because she says I have so many of the symptoms. Tests continually come back negative so YAY.

    I do, however, have fibro and I have what I call ‘The Golden Hour’….now, for a doctor I’m sure it conjures up a VERY different meaning than for me.

    My “golden” hour is the first hour of the morning..and while I wake up kind of stiff and sore, I am always feeling as though I have energy and don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a semi.

    Almost to the minute, when the hour is over, I suddenly feel like I’ve been flattened by a passing train.

    I’ve learned to treat that hour as precious time to accomplish things. Hence, the “golden” hour moniker.

  4. I understand that need to “power through” …I have that too.. Being a mom Im supposed to keep on keeping on like a robot 🙂 The reality is that resting will make you more prepared to do what needs to get done in a better way. Alot of countries take naps or “siestas” after lunch to recharge…I think that is genius. As you know my daughter has been ill. When the adrenals are challenged exhaustion kicks in. I can really witness the power of illness. Hope you are enjoying your new home 🙂

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