Monthly Archives: July 2015


So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. My last post got deleted and I got so frustrated I didn’t rewrite it. Anyhow, good news! I am doing well on the Benlysta. My double stranded DNA levels have come down considerably, I’m tapering steroids, and feeling much better. My only issue is fatigue, so today I wanted to talk about fatigue and how I try to manage it.

First is sleep. I make sure to get a good 8-9 hours at night. On days that were particularly busy, I make it a point to get 10. I also noticed going to bed at an earlier time makes me less fatigued than going to bed very late, even if I’ve gotten the same amount of sleep. Naps have become my best friend. Even if it’s just 20 minutes of shut eye, it gives me a little boost to get through the rest of the day.

Exercise also really helps with fatigue. I find on days that I don’t exercise, I feel very lethargic and weak. But there needs to be a balance. If I overdo it I become more fatigued and achey. It’s all about feeling out your body, and learning when to stop.

Doing restful activities like laying in bed reading, watching a movie, or playing a game helps as well. I get to keep my mind active, but Im still in a relaxed state.

Although I cannot admit to having a very healthy diet, I’ve noticed when I’ve eaten healthier, lighter foods it reduces my fatigue as well. Fried stuff and red meats tend to make me feel tired the next day. And alcohol, even one glass, can wipe me out.

In line with eating healthy is drinking enough fluids. Sometimes the fatigue is worsened by dehydration. I personally have a bad habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day, but after I polish off a bottle of H2O, I feel much better.

And lastly prayer and meditation are daily activities I can’t live without. Every morning I spend time with God, reading my devotional and Bible. I start the day out talking to God and praying for energy to get through the day.

So these are the things I do to manage my fatigue, what do you do?