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So I am back on the hunt for a job, and it’s not been easy. Apparently, no one is wanting to hire a part time doc. I mean I understand that patients want reliability and availability, but I don’t think that’s an impossible thing to accomplish as a part timer.

My last two jobs I was part time, and it worked out well.  The last job I worked three days a week, and rarely had an issue with being able to see all my patients when they needed to be seen. If it was urgent and they couldn’t wait, there was always another doctor to see them in the office, and for quick issues most patients didn’t mind seeing another doctor. It was like seeing a doctor at an urgent care center, but with the benefit of their chart  already being there. And I took phone call, so if they ever had questions I always available to answer, and had their chart on my mobile app. My patients loved me, and always made it a point to only see me.

So, how do you feel about having a part time Doctor? Would it be an issue for you? What would it take for you to be comfortable having a part time Doctor? There being another doc in the office? Having a special email or phone number for the doctor? Feel free to be honest, I really wanna hear your thoughts!

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  1. Well, I prefer to see the same doc every time. I think it is better. (Of course how the doctor remembers all the pts amazes me 😸) But emergencies happen and my regular physician goes to great lengths (at least her staff does) to get notes when I see another doctor.

    So at least to her, having a complete chart is important. I know when having my first child I never knew who was going to examine me. Made me nervous.

    Maybe you could cover emergencies within a practice? Don’t know if it is possible.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve started my new job, and it’s been working out part time. I’ve been using a mobile EMR app that lets me check my messages,so I can help my patients from home.

  2. Hi! As a patient and doc myself, i think the problem is not so much from the patients side, but more from your `future`colleagues side. Here in Sweden, there are lots of doctors working part time (60% or 80%), especially if they have small kids. And this becomes a problem for the colleagues working 100%, because they end up working 120-140%. This happens especially in the hospitals, because they have to take responsibility for the results, follow-ups, etc. on the (rest of the) days when the others are away. So, maybe this is the concern that your future employer has: that your colleagues will have a higher workload on your free days?
    As a patient, i think continuity is key: having the same doctor with whom you form a bond is crucial. The fact that you take phone calls is very good, because it´s quite often that with patients that you know, things can be solved by phone or e-mail. Working part-time can though mean that the patients that want to see you will have to wait on cue for a longer time, and this might be distressful for the chronically sick pat. As a patient, i would though prefer a doctor who has him/herself a chronic disease because i know that the empathy and therefore solution oriented ward will be so much better.
    I am sure you will find something soon. Good doctors are needed even part-time 🙂
    All the best,

    1. Thanks for the comment, it’s nice to know there are other docs out there like me. I use a mobile EMR app and I can check messages from patients, send messages to staff, and check labs all from home.

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