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Hello and welcome to The Patient Doctor!

I am writing a blog to share my experiences of being a doctor and a patient with lupus. Through my experiences I have been able to gain insight from both points of view. My hope is to create an atmosphere of understanding and compassion between both parties.

For my physician readers, I’d like to shed light on the struggles patients face on a daily basis. Having a medical condition can change a person’s life completely. I believe that by understanding the concerns of our patients, we can better care for their needs.

For my patient readers, I’d like to unravel some of the common myths we have about doctors and provide a behind-the scenes look of what really goes on in doctors offices and hospitals. I also will provide you with information on how to communicate with doctors and loved ones, and give you tips for living a healthy and happy life.

Whether a physician, patient, or family/ friend, we all can come together to learn and provide support for each other!