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  1. Hello:
    I’m about to start my residency in a primary care field. I was diagnosed with SLE just before my third year of medical school. During clinicals, I was bent on doing another specialty (thought to be associated with a highly stressful environment), but had to consider my illness and thought I didn’t want to die because of the profession I chse, but I still wanted to practice medicine. How did you get through your family medicine residency: controlling stress, talking to your program director and colleagues?
    Thanks–look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi,
    I’m a third year medical student that has been recently diagnosed with lupus. My story is very similar to the post above – I would like pursue my dream but also not have it affect my health negatively. Would you mind corresponding to me via email? thank you!

  3. I’m a doc with lupus and Sjögren’s. I was diagnosed with SLE almost 2 years ago but I’ve been ANA positive and SS-A and SS-B positive for above 9 years but nobody would give me a diagnosis. I’m wondering why you stopped posting? How did it go with the Benlysta? It made me sick as heck but that’s just me. I’ve failed a lot of medications. I’m going to read through your story and I hope you start posting again!

    1. Hi! More docs out there with lupus then I thought. I stopped posting for awhile because I was having some trouble with the site, got busy, and felt that not many people were interested. I guess it’s time to get the site back up and running, lotsa news, and doing great on Benlysta. Thanks for encouraging me to post again. Will have something up this week!

      1. Hi! So glad i found your blog. I am myself a 33 year old resident in Internal Medicine in Sweden. Was diagnosed with primary Sjögren Syndrome last year, but now my rheumatologist is also considering lupus. I was first considered a hypochondriac by the first rheumatologist that i met, but was lucky enough to find a better one afterwards. I have had until now `mild symptoms` but new symptoms just keep popping up, so my anxiety for the future keeps getting bigger. I have told my attendant that i have pSS and he didn´t seem to think this was a problem, but so often i think that doctors don´t really know what living with a `chronic`disease actually means. My experience has definitely made me more compassionate towards my patients.
        Please keep on posting so that others like us, doctors with autoimmune diseases don´t feel alone or ashame.

        All the best,

        1. Don’t feel ashamed. I know I did for a long time, but now I feel proud. You are stronger than most. You dedicate your life to caring for others while dealing with a chronic disease of your own. That takes a lot of strength.

    2. I’m a family practice/OB doctor with lupus and Sjogrens as well. It is very hard to juggle call, family, and this disease. It would be awesome to have a site for those of us with similar stressors and knowledge to share our experiences.

      1. Yes! Everyone is free to share their experiences on my page! I can’t imagine what it must be like living with this disease and being an OB. I know that is a very demanding career.

  4. Hi I was diagnosed with Lupus 2 yrs ago, I was taking my Board exam when it happened. I had fatigue, hair loss and joint pain but since I was busy studying for my exams, I didn’t pay much attention until I took a turn for the worse and went into end stage renal failure.
    I had to go on dialysis and chemo induction for 7 months. My renal function is stable now. I was looking for someone who had gone thru something similar. I don’t want to give up. My career is a big part of my life. My doctors recommended me to apply for Psychiatry instead of Internal Medicine which was the path I was going to follow. I s it ok if you write to me to my email. How did you do to continue with residency and deal with stress?

  5. Hello, I am so glad I came across your website. I have been having a hard time trying to cope with med school and SLE. It seems there are quite a few doctors/med students out there with lupus than I thought. In a way it makes me feel bit reassured that there are people who have gotten through life while struggling with SLE.

    I am currently a 5th year student and I always wanted to specialise in cardiology. But I was diagnosed with SLE (last year) and my health hasn’t been the same. I still have pleuritic chest pain continuously and bit of mitral regurgitation as well. I feel tired all the time and have lot of joint pain and muscle ache. All of my uni docs are recommending I think about some other field of specialisation like psychiatric or social medicine (which I have absolutely no interest in). I would really like to know how you got through your student life and if you had to give up your dreams?

    It’s been almost a year and I had a very bad flare up which has been active continuously. I know I need to consider my health and accommodate my lifestyle around it but the last thing I want to do is give up what I dreamed of achieving… I feel like I will be left with a lot of regret.

    Please email me.

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