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Butterflies, Boards, and Blessings: A Doctor’s Journey to Thriving with Lupus

A deep and personal account of a doctor living with lupus. Relatable and inspirational, this book provides insightful tips and encouragement for those who struggle with chronic conditions.


Welcome to The Patient Doc!

I am a Family Medicine Physician who has been living with Lupus for the past ten years. I created The Patient Doc to educate and encourage others living with chronic disease by sharing my personal journey and the knowledge I have gained along the way.

As a physician, I have had the opportunity to see lupus and chronic disease from both the patient and physician perspective. My experience has enabled me to understand not only the physical, but also social and psychological effects of chronic disease. My mission is to help others living with chronic disease to not just survive, but thrive and live their best life!

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{This is a must read book for anyone who has struggled with autoimmune disease. We often feel like we are going it alone. This is the journey of a doctor who has lupus. It is a wonderful perspective of real life. As a Chaplain who has lupus I appreciate the part faith plays in this battle. There are some great common sense suggestions on how to deal with all that autoimmune disease brings to us. Manisha has shared her journey in a very easily read format.
Louis Cenatiempo
This book was very easy to read. Dr. Manisha really does help you bridge the gap between the doctor-patient relationship. I highly recommend this book for any lupus (or autoimmune disease) patient, doctor or anyone with a friend or family member who has lupus. It will help you understand the patient's perspective as well as the doctor's perspective. I feel like my feelings and struggles about having lupus were captured in this book without knowing the author. Excellent book. I highly recommend.
Kindle Customer
{GREAT BOOK Reading this was like reading my own story and life. Great book. Gave me a lot of helpful information to help me with day to day life. Thank you Betty Eldridge.
{THERE ARE NO LIMITS This book is phenomenal! A must read. Dr. Manisha Rayavarapu connects with her readers by sharing her journey and provides some tips for those who struggle with chronic conditions. Thank you, Dr. Manisha for sharing your story with us. You are an inspiration!
{HEARTWARMING MEMOIR WITH HELPFUL TIPS This book is easy to read, with lots of informative tips to help you live your best life, despite your chronic illness. Many thanks to the Patient Doc for sharing her inspiring story and expertise in such a supportive and encouraging way! ?

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  The list of symptoms that people experience with Lupus is extensive. It is often hard to diagnose Lupus based on symptoms alone because the symptoms are often very vague and mimic other diseases. Here is a list of some of the more common Lupus symptoms:...


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