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I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2010, during my second year of Family Medicine residency. I was confident in my knowledge and ability to care for patients, but nothing prepared me for the questions I would have when I discovered I was sick. Sure, I learned about Lupus in medical school, but I had never seen it up close and personal. Lupus wasn’t something I usually saw in my patients’ medical history, and I rarely ever tested for it. But there I was, full of textbook information, but completely lacking in understanding of the disease and it’s implications.

I struggled to understand my disease, despite everything I had learned in my years of training. There were so many questions. Many were about the the disease itself and the medications I would be taking. What are the complications I should look out for? Will this medication make me gain weight? But my biggest questions pertained to what my future with Lupus would be like. Would I become disabled? Could I have children? Could I continue to practice medicine? I had no idea how I was going to live with this disease.

It’s been ten years, and I don’t have all the answers, but I have some. I have designed this blog to answer those questions and share my tips on living with chronic disease. Any questions?

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