Lupus in Love

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If you are married, or have been in a relationship, you know it’s not always easy. Throw in a chronic illness and it becomes ten times harder. My husband and I had our struggles in the beginning. When I became sick, we slipped into the dynamic of caregiver and patient. I stopped being his equal partner, and it wasn’t a good situation for either of us. I felt like I was a useless burden, and he felt like he was only there to care for me. Thankfully, over the years we have learned how to create balance in our relationship. Here are my secrets to creating balance:

1. Open and honest communication:  This is crucial in any relationship, but moreso for those of us with chronic illness because we are accustomed to hiding our feelings to prevent burdening others.  

2. Setting limitations and expectations. This applies to not only chores, but also social activities. Make it clear what things you are able to do, and what things you are not. This eliminates confusion and unrealistic expectations.

3. Supporting your partner. Chronic disease can take over our life, sometimes to the point that we forget our partners have struggles too. Acknowledging and supporting your partner’s needs lets them know you care and that they are important too.

What are some of the issues you struggle with in your relationships, and how do you manage them?


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