Tips for Managing Stress

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It has been a stressful few weeks for me. I have been juggling buying a house, planning a much needed vacation for our family, and preparing to launch my book. All very positive stressors in my life, but still I feel the effects of stress on my body. My fatigue has progressively increased. I have had more frequent body aches and now I am having some joint pain in my knees. 

So how do I manage stress?

1. Rest. I take a break and get some rest. I make sure to set aside time to put away everything that I am working on and just relax. I may read something or watch TV for a half hour, and then get back to it. I also schedule in a little extra sleep during the day or at night to allow my body time to recuperate.

2. Exercise. It is instant stress reliever for me. Of course, if I’m in pain, it may not be a good choice, but thankfully there are other options.

3. Pray. I spend time in quietness talking to God. If you aren’t religious, you can always meditate instead. 

4. Ask for help. If I really am stressed, and overwhelmed, I ask my husband to help with a chore or task.

5.Talk to a friend. Sometimes simply venting and working through some of the issues is all I need.

6. Treat myself. It could be a massage, or a hot bubble bath, or maybe even a delicious chocolate cupcake! 

How do you manage your stress?


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